About us

Welcome to Esha Yoga

We are a new-age yoga school in the heart of Santa Clara, California. Esha Yoga offers a fitness platform for all ages. Imbued with Indianness, we reset your mind, body, and soul with the silence of yoga. Join our passionate yogis to transform your life with our proven ‘stretched and unstressed’ techniques. 

The studio boasts of a serene setting, friendly staff, and certified yoga instructors. Our classes are just as good for beginners as they are for advanced practitioners of this ancient Indian form of self-healing. Helping you learn better, the instructors make themselves available before and after every class to answer questions regarding your progress so far. We customize the stretches and techniques for one-on-one sessions that make all the difference in reaching your fitness goals faster. 

We engage in guided meditation classes to build on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. We believe in one mantra: practice yoga for life. Either with us or in the comfy confines of your home. But practice, you must.

We want everyone to take time out for themselves to rewind, reboot and restart their life. Our vision is to make our yoga studio a place where fitness goals are reached, lasting friendships are made and a sense of community is formed. Complementing them all is the ample parking space and the studio’s strategic location. It’s next to Starbucks and Postal Annex in Santa Clara, and close to the upcoming Apple campus and diagonally opposite Kaiser Permanente.

We go beyond yoga. We want you to feel connected with yourself, so you can connect with the universe. So what are you waiting for? The yoga mat is calling. Where are you? 

"Yoga is for internal cleansing, not external exercising. Yoga means true self-knowledge".
-K. Pattabhi Jois