If you want to pursue yoga but don’t have the money for it, we offer you free classes in exchange for working at the studio. The job does not require any special skills but it does require two qualities — honesty and integrity. Esha Yoga’s Work Trade Exchange programme requires you to work one shift a week, which is usually two hours, and with a minimum commitment of six months.


Front Office Assistants – You are the first face the visitor sees when you enter. Your job is to greet them, answer any queries they have and sign them up for classes.

Field Assistants – You hit the road, handing out pamphlets, postcards and other communication material in areas we specify.

House Cleaning – Sweeping and swabbing the studio once a week.


For every hour you work at Esha Yoga, you get one complementary yoga class.


A resourceful person who can win the customer’s heart when they walk in with their exceptional customer service and sales pitches. This can be in person or on the phone.

Does all miscellaneous work required at the front office desk like keeping a time check on all the classes and workshops, recording all the check-ins by students, taking deliveries of courier packages, arranging for gift certificates, and so on.

Keep the studio neat and tidy and ensure everything is in place for the classes to begin on time, every time.

Keep a 360-degree check on everything that’s going around to ensure that the customer does not fault you for slipping on your job at any time.


You should be able to give a minimum guarantee of working with us for six months.

You should be an extrovert, possess exceptional communication and social skills required for a job that demands people skills.

You should be game to learn and grow with us, like learning the computer software, understanding the training schedule and so on.

You should attend your complementary yoga classes without skipping any.

You have to be extremely courteous, sincere, honest and reliable.

You should be self-motivated and take on the responsibility of running the yoga studio without anybody’s supervision. From ensuring classes run on time to keeping the studio ready for every class, it is your job.

In case, you cannot work on a given day due to some reason, give an advance notice to the manager.


If you have it in you, what you are waiting for? Just contact us at [email protected].