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Manasa Nagaraj

Manasa Nagaraj is the Director of Esha yoga. She even teaches Indian classical dance called Bharatanatyam...

Isha Dwivedi

Isha comes from a land where Yoga originated, but her first encounter with yoga was only in her late 20’s,....



Naoko Kanno goes by her nickname of “Mamo”, is a certified yoga instructor registered with…

Jessica Kerk

Jessica has a background in DANCE such as ballroom, modern, and jazz, teaching dance for…

Payal shah

Payal shah

Yoga not only helps to derive maximum benefits of the poses but also keeps the body safe while coming in and out of the poses so I teach alignment based Yoga.

Heidi Mahoney

Heidi first fell in love with yoga at age 17 when her mom bought a…