Strike a Balance Between Self-Care and Fitness

The secret to total wellbeing lies in forming a symmetric relationship between your fitness routine and self-care practices. When it comes to self-rehab, holistic methods, including simple self-care, work best to relieve stress and make the mind and body whole once again.

These six suggestions will help you bring more self-care into your health routine.

Give Meaning to Each Morning

Your approach to mornings will set the tone for your days. If you wake in a frenzy, with no time for contemplation, your day will likely feel rushed and chaotic. Set a positive tone for each day by striving to wake with the sun. When you wake, take a few minutes to stretch and set intention for your day. Give yourself time to move throughout your morning with meaning, to give purpose to the rest of your day. An early AM class at Esha Yoga is an exceptional way to start your day.

Strive for Sensible Goals

Setting unreasonable goals can set you up for failure or even injury or illness. It’s okay to be dedicated to your fitness routine, but it’s important to know the difference between commitment and addiction. Limit your workouts to no more than an hour each day. If you are looking to lose weight, know that most adults can safely lose one to two pounds a week. Losing weight too fast can have some serious side effects, so take care not to overdo it. Recovering addicts should be especially cautious of exercise addiction. Exercise can be a great way to maintain sobriety, but it can be too easy to become obsessed. Moderation is a good rule of thumb for anyone.

Sustain Your Body with Nourishing Food

Food is the source of energy, the source of life. So take care when selecting the whole foods that nourish your body. Pick organic fruits and vegetables and avoid processed, packaged foods, which tend to be loaded with sugar. Ensure that you are getting enough fiber in your daily diet and throw in some healthy fats, like avocado, as well. Some people find balance in sticking to a plant-based diet, but you should find a healthy eating plan that works for you. Set aside time at the beginning of your week for meal prepping, to have healthy options on hand at all times.

Plan Time for Recovery

Your body needs time to recover after workouts or else it cannot grow stronger. Take a few minutes to cool down from intensive cardio and stretch muscles that seem tight. Try to eat a high-protein snack within an hour of exercise, to help build muscle, and be sure to stay hydrated. Once you’ve had some water and a bite to eat, it’s a good time to get in a little yoga practice. According to the experts at Esha Yoga, this ancient mind/body exercise helps improve flexibility, breaks up stiffness caused by other workouts, and is also a wonderful stress reliever.

Moderate Stress With Mindfulness

We deal with stress so much in our lives, and the impact on our health can be overwhelming. Stress can also be a trigger for addiction and relapse. It is essential to develop methods to cope with this necessary evil in our lives, especially when in rehab. Holistic ways to mitigate stress include practising mindfulness, meditation, and learning to live in the present. Mindful meditation has been proven to help people cope more productively with stress and anxiety, and people who practice meditation experience fewer physical side effects of stress as well.

Dedicate Evenings to Quiet and Sleep

Our bodies and our minds crave rest. It’s vital to overall health and can improve the effects of a healthy diet and fitness plan. Despite this, we are all too eager to sacrifice sleep in the name of work, fun, or even workouts. Break this habit by making sleep the focus of your nightly rituals. Set a bedtime that will allow you seven to eight hours of restful sleep and then arrange your evening routine around relaxing beforehand. Turn off screens a couple hours before bed and dim the lights in your home to help your mind melt away into a blissful sleep.

Real fitness comes from more than strengthening muscles. To achieve true health and happiness, you must balance exercise with practices to shape the mind and soothe the soul. Self-care is crucial to creating this balance and creating harmony in life.

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