May the Power Be With You

Often confused with power yoga, Vinyasa yoga is a combination of postures; transitioning from one to another synchronized with breath. Each movement has an associated breath. It’s also known as flow yoga. Developed from hatha yoga, it emphasizes on breathing while going in and coming out of postures. Usually the upward movements are associated with inhaling and downward movements with exhaling.

Whether you’re a beginner looking where to start or an avid yogi seeking a challenge, Vinyasa could be your answer. Let’s see why.

Stress buster, tranquilliser, and concentration enhancer

 Living in a highly sensory world with competing distractions, Vinyasa yoga helps you focus. It enforces concentration on your breaths as you transition between different linked postures. This focus can be adapted to any task at hand. When you focus on your breath, it keeps your mind in the present moment. Mind quietens down. The calmness that ensues is energising and an effective stress releaser.

Challenging, unpredictable, physical strength, flexibility and balance

 Vinyasa can literally mean ‘variations within prescribed parameters’. It can have diverse postures in conjunction, with no two routines being the same. It urges you to test your limits. Vinyasa flow mightn’t seem tough but it’s difficult to attain and will exert on your physical boundaries. No two routines are the same. It constantly pushes your limits, increasing your flexibility. The Chaturangas strengthens the torso and combined with poses like horse and boat, it strengthens the whole body.

Philosophically, Vinyasa recognizes the ephemeral nature of everything in life. No particular posture is held onto. We enter one, stay a while and then change. This variation helps in maintaining a balanced body.

If you want to change your life, take up yoga. And if you are just a beginner, it’s time to go pro. Esha Yoga in Santa Clara has all the facilities you would require to gain a definitive edge. Look up our schedule for the most convenient time suited to you. And if you have further clarifications, feel free to call. We would be happy to hear from you.

  • It’s for everyone

 A beginner can easily find a customised regime to fulfil his needs. This style helps with learning basic pranayama. The instructor guides you about breathing by directing when to inhale or exhale during the postures. Thus, you learn how to breathe during yoga sessions. It’s a great place to learn the basics before you move on to more advanced routines.

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