Yoga for Posture Correction

Body postures can influence your general well-being. Surprised? Well, there’s a lot that you wouldn’t know. But first, some background.

Prana, believed to be the essential life force, inhabits your body, according to ancient Indian texts. It flows through innumerable minute channels called nadis. When ideally aligned, the nadis carry prana to every cell efficiently without any impediment. This results in good health on the whole.

When the nadis become obstructed, energy accumulates at those points creating pressure; bodily discomfort ensues. One of the causes of these obstructions is supposed to be incorrect body postures. Hatha Yoga was developed to manage and nurture prana by fortifying the nadis through asanas. Paranayam cleanses the nadis and nurtures as well as controls the prana.

Yoga considers the mind and body as an interconnected system. If the body is healthy, the mind is supple too. Many years of sedentary lifestyle, bent over smartphones, computers or slumped on couches watching TV, have caused bodies to be thrown out of balance.

Correct posture — Simplest solution

If you merely begin sitting straight, you’ll not only boost your confidence but also your mood. Most likely, you’ll remember more good memories than bad. Standing straight enhances the testosterone levels and brings down the cortisol, commonly called the stress hormone, according to many research studies.

The yoga postures or asanas have shown to make your body more balanced. When prana flows through the nadis unobstructed, it makes one consciously present in the moment, calming the chattering mind.

Yogic breathing — Breathing correctly

Generally people breathe through their chest taking in shallow, ineffective breaths using their intercostal muscles. In contrast, the yogic breathing/adham pranayama uses diaphragm for breathing instead of the chest muscles.

Adham pranayama improves your lung function and thereby the oxygen intake. It also betters blood circulation and lymph function. It stimulates vagus nerves, thereby producing the parasympathetic calming effect that alleviates stress and anxiety. This illustrates an astounding connection between our breathing and nervous system functions.

Contrary to popular belief, mind and body can’t be separated. Physical and mental health is interdependent. Practising yoga develops awareness about breathing and body posture significantly affecting the state of being.

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