Expert supervision is essential for yoga

Yoga is not just physical exercise but it’s an overall spiritual elevation and emotional integration. These days there are many books and videos available online to practice different asanas or exercises by your own self. But this practice can be harmful to you if not performed under expert supervision of a yoga exponent.

Wrong postures can cause injuries or even permanent damage to body parts like knee joints, hip joint, spine and nerves. Individuals may suffer from health concerns which might inhibit them from practicing certain exercises but when you are practicing on your own you would not know which one can be harmful for you.

For example, people suffering from Glaucoma should never be practicing headstands as it causes immense pressure on the eyes. Again, people with neck problems, herniated disks or bad arthritis should not do shoulder stands. Twists, such as Matsyendrasana, a seated, half twist, can stretch the back and hips, should not be done by people who have had hip replacement operations, as the prosthetic can be pulled right out.

Similarly, Hot Yoga which is a new age yoga practice inside a hot room under high temperature, is definitely not recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases or even diabetes. These are just few of the dangers you might face going by the book without any expert advice. As apart from basis exercises, rest needs to be customised according to what your body needs and can withstand.

Hence enrolling at Santa Clara’s Esha Yoga centre is always beneficial not just to learn the Do’s & Don’t’s but also to educate yourself of the new age yoga practices like Vinyasa yoga, Power yoga, Prenatal Yoga and others, taught by the experts themselves.

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