Yoga for healthcare professionals

Anyone who has made a career in the healthcare field knows that it is one of the high stress jobs, dealing as it is with life and death situations ever so often. It is imperative therefore to remain focussed and calm at all times to handle the chaos that is unfolding outside with suffering patients and overwhelmed relatives.

A close and immediate co-ordination are utmost required with other staff, doctors and departments. Efficiency, a quiet demeanour and a peaceful mind are needed to face this day in and day out, and often nights and unseemly hours.

The regular practice of yoga and some meditation can equip the perpetually stressed and overworked nursing staff and healthcare professionals to calmly plough ahead in the face of the most challenging factors in their workplace.

Research has proven the physical and mental benefits of yoga like reducing stress, and lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Yoga calms the mind and rejuvenates the body, activating your inner strength and fortifying the immune system.

It should be seen as a highly effective tool that is available to us and keep us going on an even keel. And importantly, to prevent the burnout that is common in high-stress environments like healthcare.

Yoga helps you stay positive mentally and fit physically to respond to stressful situations calmly and clearly. The simple stretching exercises, deep breathing and meditation routines will invigorate you with positive energy and increase mental alertness.

Healthcare professionals work in an environment of much negative stress. Yoga can benefit them tremendously — it will make them more in control of their responses and reactions, keep them fit and flexible, and mentally strengthen them to be an effective and responsible care giver.

As the old maxim goes: ‘Physician, heal thyself.’ Before you go about healing the world, heal yourself with the time-tested practice of yoga by your side. And if you live in Santa Clara, nothing like a yoga session under the expert supervision of the yogis at Esha Yoga. The yoga mat is calling. Where are you hiding? It’s time to explore a whole new world.

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