Yoga, Happiness, and You

Think about this: Here’s a person who is actually investing their time, knowledge and effort into making you a more fulfilled human being who is calmer, de-stressed and more at peace with yourself. The trainer is helping you be the person you want to be, elevating you from your current physical and emotional state to a spiritually and emotionally-aware person.

This is your yoga teacher who is teaching you to balance and align your physical, mental and emotional and spiritual being.

So why would you not pay such a person? Every dollar you spend when you sign up for yoga class and pay for your yoga teacher is money well spent. The therapy and complete mind-body holistic uplift you receive is priceless. The money you pay for the class is more than earned back by you with all that you gain.

Here are some more reasons why yoga is worth paying for:

  • You are learning an invaluable life skill that you can practise anytime, anywhere.
  • You are following the ancient Indian custom of “Guru Dakshina”, meaning paying your dues to your teacher for having imparted knowledge to you.
  • The price you pay is nothing when you compare it to the long list of benefits you gain. It’s a great bargain, whichever way you look at it.
  • You pay for one yoga teacher and it’s like getting a physical trainer cum physiotherapist cum psychiatrist cum spiritual guide all rolled into one.
  • Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing is surely worth whatever you shell out to a yoga teacher.
  • It’s better than gymming.
  • Yoga also complements chiropractic care and helps healthcare professionals.

So pay for your yoga class with joy and gratefulness in your heart. Rest assured that the money you are paying for is far less than the benefits you are receiving from your yoga teacher. And if you happen to stay in or around Santa Clara in California, you could drop by Esha Yoga. There are classes to suit your every need and experienced trainers that are good at what they do best – tailormade yoga routines.

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