Top 3 benefits of yoga for students and teachers

Yoga for students and teachers has been trending for quite a while. With good reason. Yoga sessions have been incorporated into the regular school curriculum.

However, most teachers and the support staff at the school have not been included in these programs. These people interact with the students in day-to-day school routine. They need to be involved in these sessions to extend the positive effects of yoga. Let’s look at some of the advantages of inculcating yoga practices in lives of both the teacher and the student.

A new perception of each other

When students and teachers perform yoga together, they learn new facets about each other. Working individually and as a group, they learn to practise concentration, conscious breathing, and paying attention to instructions and following them. All these skills come in handy in a classroom.

By learning to be more self-aware, they learn to manage the collective energy in the classroom by conscious breathing and synchronised movements.

Improved mental and physical stamina

Yogic poses with synchronised breathing enhances concentration. Regular yoga practice improves the physical flexibility, strength, balance, and tranquility of mind and thoughts. Teachers and students learn to stay in the present moment, focus their attention on the task at hand, ignore distractions and improve the power of concentration.

With a break as small as a minute of conscious breathing, teachers can improve their students’ dwindling focus mid-class. Students can also easily transition from one period to another.

Better self-control

In conflict situations, they might not be able to control it or the participants. But they can control their reaction to the situation. By calming their senses through yogic breathing, they can get a clearer picture of the situation. They’re better equipped to take informed decisions.

The ability to control their reactions to stressful circumstances will make teachers and students feel more empowered. The feelings of victimisation will convert to self-confidence and competence.

And finally…

Yoga no doubt offers multifold benefits. Encompassing teachers amongst its beneficiaries would contribute to a healthier classroom. A healthy class environment makes for holistic learning. If you stay at Santa Clara, Esha Yoga could help you with all of this. Make the most of the classes we offer you. It’s tailored for everybody. Pick and choose.

The yoga mat is calling. Where are you?

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